Rohloff chain tool Revolver 3 and chain Campagnolo 12s


After purchase of a new bike fitted with the Campagnolo Record 2019 groupset with a 12-speed cassette, two questions about the chain arose: which chain to use? and how to connect it?

With the answer to the first question, I was clear quickly: "The original is the original." It is simply not possible to have an Italian frame fitted with an Italian groupset equipped with something other than what is a standard part of the groupset. So: Campagnolo 12s chain. 

There are two chain models available, compatible to each other. Apparently, both models differ only in that the Super Record chain has hollow rivets and is therefore lighter.

  • Chorus - weight 252 g (114 links)
  • Super Record - weight 228 g (114 links)

Campagnolo does not offer a quick link for their chains, so the chain must be riveted. The rivetters offer includes the original Campagnolo UT-CN300 riveter, an interesting alternative is the product of the German company Rohloff, the Revolver 3 model, which I chose. 

The rivetter is delivered in a plastic case, padded inside. The delivery includes two screws with a spindle and a pin, while one screw with a pin and a spindle is used to remove chain pin and to insert a new pin, the other to rivet the pin.

The connection of the new chain is done by inserting the guide rivet pin:

After the guide rivet pin has been seated, you have to break of the protruding part,

for this purpose, the Rohloff Revolver 3 chain riveter is equipped with a hole in the rotating knurled wheel:

The final stage of connecting the chain is the riveting of the pin. A second screw supplied with a riveter with a pin and a beam is used for riveting, it is riveted against the flat surface of the rotating knurled wheel in the place next to the hole for breaking the guide part of the rivet pin.

The riveted chain pin then looks like this: